Getting Started

Unlike some, we don't just sign you up to a do-it-yourself website builder, and leave you alone with the mysteries and hassles of getting your website up and running.

Instead, we take care of the challenging things that are best left to experts, so that you can concentrate on making your club smarter, improving your fund raising and making your club more attractive to potential new members.

Here are the important things we take care of to make it easy for you, so that you can focus on reaching new members and promoting your club.

  • We guide you through the strategies that determine how effective your website will be for your club
  • We design the look and feel for your site, using those factors that best represent what your club is to your community and best convey how you want your club to be recognised
  • We build your site using the design template you prefer
  • We hook you up to Google Analytics so that you can measure how your website is performing
  • We submit your site to Google so that it can be found in the shortest possible time
  • We integrate your site with your Facebook page if you have one
  • We create multiple email addresses and provide mailboxes for your key club officers
  • We guide you on how to create your member and non-member database
  • We create your mobile-enabled member directory
  • We train you to add your content
  • We create a club bulletin / newsletter template
  • We take care of your hosting, domain name management, emails and club management platform
  • We help you salvage what content you want to re-use from your existing website
  • We register your domain name if you don't have one.

In other words, when you get a StreamScape Club website it's ready to start working straight away, easily maintained by members who have better things to do than worry about computers and technology.

StreamScape can help your club

A StreamScape club website delivers unparalleled online marketing, member recruitment and PR opportunities for your club.