Ways your website might be holding back your club

Do you wonder why your website isn't living up to its expecations?  Are you failing to reach, let alone attract, potential new members?  Are you invisible on Google, even when people search directly for your club?

Frequently it's the website itself.  More often, though, it's because your club is failing to take advantage of the immense power of the Internet, beyond just having a website.

In every case a StreamScape Rotary Club website will empower you to escape the bondage of a site that isn't working for your club.

Why have a Club website anyway?

It's conventional wisdom that your Club should have a website.  After all, it's expected and it's the done thing, right?  But have you ever asked "Why?"  Here are some powerful reasons why your website is so central to your club's well-being.  Things you might be missing out on, too.


Your site is a Rotary Club website

Having a club website just because you think you need one is a bit like buying a car then locking it up in your garage.  It looks good and you are pleased that you have it.  But only you and your family know it's there, and it's of no benefit whatsoever.


Your website is dated

A dated website looks unloved and tired.  Old fashioned, even, and slow to change.  It will also label your club as being out of date and behind the times.


You have no contact database

A comprehensive database of contacts is probably the most valuable asset your club can have.  It's also the most productive tool your club can have.  Lack of a contact database is a millstone around most things your club will ever want to achieve.


Your website isn't mobile-friendly

During 2014 Google forewarned that they'd de-rank websites that weren't mobile friendly.  In April 2015 they put it into effect.  If your club website is getting harder for people to find, being non mobile-friendly might be one of the reasons.


You don't measure what works and what doesn't

Many different aspects of your club performance can be measured through your website.  Failing to monitor and keep track of such measurements means you're flying blind.  Worse, you could be doing lots of things right, yet be going backwards and not even know why.


How to generate income from your website

Your club can have a "free" website that, in reality, costs money and results in lost opportunities to contribute to your club.  Or you can pay a small amount for a website that has the potential to generate and income, as well as attract supporters and new members.


You don't have a website or you rely solely on FaceBook

Not having any web presence at all is tantamount to being non-existent as a club.  Nobody can find you, nobody can learn about you and nobody can contact you.  Without a website even your own members find it hard to talk about you.


Your website is out of date

Unlike a dated website, an out-of-date website is one where the content itself is no longer valid.


Your events aren't managed through your website

Events are the perfect opportunity to reach thousands of strangers in a short time.  Omitting event marketing and booking from your website means that your club is overlooked by all those potential members.


Your website has been hijacked

There are many different ways your website can be hijacked, from hackers and spammers, through using an inappropriate platform, to allowing advertising for services you'd never allow your club to be associated with.


StreamScape can help your club

A StreamScape club website delivers unparalleled online marketing, member recruitment and PR opportunities for your club.