Having a club website just because you think you need one is a bit like buying a car then locking it up in your garage.  It looks good and you are pleased that you have it.  But it's of no use to anybody.

Why have a Club website anyway?

It's conventional wisdom that your Club should have a website.  After all, it's expected and it's the done thing, right?  But have you ever asked "Why?"  Here are some powerful reasons why your website is so central to your club's well-being.  Things you might be missing out on, too.

Your club website must do something for your club, and done properly it can do lots of things.  First and foremost, then, you need to decide what you want it to do.

The most common objective - and unfortunately the least effective one - is to "beat the Rotary drum";  if that worked clubs would be overrun with applications for membership.

Other common objectives might be:

  • We want to attract new members
  • We want to promote our events
  • We want to elicit donations
  • We want to attract visitors

As worthy as these are, we see these more as outcomes rather than objectives.

We think that the single most important objective of all is to create initial contact between a stranger and a member of your club. It’s to connect somebody who knows little or nothing about Rotary with a member of your club.

The moment that contact exists then relationship building kicks in. For example, friendships form, based on common interests. The stranger enjoys the new relationships. That stranger gets to learn about your club. That stranger responds to an invitation to help out with a project. The stranger wants to participate in a club activity or attend an event. That stranger wants to come to one of your meetings to hear a guest speaker. Or even to be a guest speaker.

Only then does the request or invitation to join your club emerge. And that's the best outcome of all.


StreamScape can help your club

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