Not having an online presence at all is a certain way to make your club invisible.  Having some form of online presence, but no website, means that you get some exposure on line, but it's hard for people to get in touch with you.

Other forms of online presence might get your club found by enthusiastic Rotarians, but you remain hidden to potential new members or other supporters.

Of course, in every scenario cited below, the success or failure of whatever strategy you adopt depends almost entirely on your club's commitment to keep its information up to date.

You have no website, no social media presence

Your club is impossible to find other than by a dedicated Rotarian who is determined to track you down.  Potential members, potential visitors and potential supporters will never get to hear about you.

Even if you run advertisements in your local paper, put flyers in your local traders' windows or do letter box drops, the first thing people do these days is look for you on the Internet.  Right where you don't exist.

You rely on social media alone, with no website

Websites vs. social media

Social media publicises and talks about your club and what you're involved in, whereas a website actually does things for your club.

You possibly get great publicity, you get lots of "likes" from people who already know you, but when visitors to your Facebook page want to get in touch with you, they can't easily do so.  Or if they want to attend an event you're running there's no way they can easily book.

Facebook users, too, look for a website to go to when they want more information.

Having only a FaceBook page is like printing brochures and handing them out - but omitting your address, phone number and other contact details.  Readers say "Wow!  I really like this!" but have no way of contacting you.  Even if they go on to Google and search for you, all they'll find is the original Facebook page they started with.

Your Facebook page does not link back to your website

A facebook page is great publicity, but it doesn't actually do anything.  That's the role of your website.  Without backlinks, the most effective and simplest way for somebody to get to your website is missing.

Google takes into account the number of links from external sources back to  your website; social media with links to your site will significantly boost how important Google considers your website.

Your club has no website, but is listed in a local online directory

At most this will tell people that your club exists, and might even give a location of your meetings.  There is no way for interested parties to get in touch with your club other than perhaps by a member's email address.

This type of listing is notorious for being out of date, and usually relies on a third party to make changes.

You have your club listed on District website, but don't have a website

This type of listing is usually under some sort of "club finder" link or menu option.  It's useful for visiting Rotarians to find out where and when you meet, but it's of no value in publicising what your club does.  Such listings will not help in reaching potential members, unless they've already decided beforehand that they want to join a Rotary club in your specific location.

You have a website but no proper domain name

A web address of something like succeeds admirably in promoting, but does very little to promote your own club.  Similarly with a web address like really helps, but not your own club.

The ideal strategy is that your club has both a Facebook presence to maximise exposure and publicity, with a website and proper domain name, through which people can make one-click contact with you, book events, subscribe to your newsletters and so on.  Your Facebook page must refer visitors to your website as part of your online strategy.

Directory listings are useful for fellow Rotarians who might want to visit you, but of very limited value in reaching non-members.

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