Unlike a dated website, an out-of-date website is one where the content itself is no longer valid.

Typically it will show last year's theme.  It might announce an upcoming event for a date that's long gone - years in some cases.

We've seen sites where the published meeting place is a venue that no longer exists.

Your website is dated

A dated website looks unloved and tired.  Old fashioned, even, and slow to change.  It will also label your club as being out of date and behind the times.

An out-of-date website says that as a club you don't care.  It also suggests that the club has closed down because there are no members left to keep the website up to date.

Here are some examples to look be on the lookout for:

  • Out of date Rotary theme - although only fellow Rotarians might notice
  • Phrases like "this month is Membership month" - and it's already February
  • The listed Board members are from a previous year
  • You're no longer meeting at the venue you have listed
  • Using obsolete Rotary logo and colours
  • Promoting as coming something that's already past, such as an event, meeting or project
  • Publishing "Our 2013 Board" when it's already 2015
  • Citing a meeting time of 6:30 pm when you've already changed to a lunchtime club.
  • Using phrases like "Our club was founded 30 years ago, in 1980" when it's now 36 years old.

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