Picture the scene.  You're at your regular Club meeting, and one of your fellow Club Members says "I went to a fabulous restaurant last night.  I'm definitely going back because ...":

Finish the sentence:

  1. "... The meal was excellent, the atmosphere was amazing and the service was great."
  2. "... they had a really good logo."

Your response is most likely to be:

  1. "Tell me more about your experience."
  2. "Tell me what their logo looks like and what colour was their menu"
In short, your logo is the symbol by which you're recognised; your brand is the impression and reputation by which you're known.  Your brand, then, is what the logo means to whoever sees it.

Or, to put it another way, your brand is how anybody who has contact with you will describe your club to their friends and colleagues.

In the Rotary world, the Rotary Wheel and associated wording are prescribed in terms of their font, colours and sizes.  This information is available for download from Rotary International.  Note that the PDF is quite large, so you might need to wait a bit before it downloads. That's the logo part. 

The brand part is something else.  What you say about your club and the impression you create is not prescribed and that part's up to you.  Here are a few Rotary Club brands we've seen and they're all what the Rotary Wheel represents:

  • Happy and inviting
  • Fun to be part of
  • Doing great things for your community
  • Religious and fanatical
  • They run great events
  • They have excellent speakers
  • Old, tired and uninteresting
  • Begging and only after your money
  • Ancient and no longer relevant
  • A drinking / dinner club for retired business people
  • Exclusive and only for members
  • Extinct or nearly so
  • Boring, uninteresting and disinterested
  • Out of date like its members
  • Only relevant to retired rich people
  • They expect or want you to join without offering any benefit from doing so
  • Good at posing for photos handing over cheques
  • Into park benches, sausage sizzles and Christmas puddings at the supermarket entrance.

Take a look at your own website through a stranger's eyes.  Better still, if you want to understand the impression your website presents to a stranger, simply ask one to tell you.

Here's another great test.  Take a look at your own club website and ask yourself "Would I want to join that club, based on the impression I get from the website?"

We're also happy to conduct a website assessment at no charge.  Use our contact form to request one.

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