For the purposes of this comparison we'll use FaceBook as the social media platform because it's by far the most widely used social media platform with over 86% penetration.

Attribute Website Facebook
Visible on Google Yes Yes
Update your own content Yes Yes
Promote your club yourself Yes Yes
Promote your club by others Sort of
Bi-directional links between your website and social media Yes Yes
Flexible design and user-defined layout and menus Yes No
Photo Galleries Yes Yes
Manage contacts Yes No
Enquiry forms Yes No
Manage members Yes No
Send out newsletter Yes No
Send out Bulletin Yes No
Members-only access Yes No
Generate income for your club Yes No
Manage committees and project teams Yes No
Promote events Yes Sort of
Take bookings for events Yes No
Manage events Yes No
Manage online member directory Yes No
Interface with District Yes No

This is not an exhaustive list of course.  The essential difference is that social media allows you to talk about yourself and allows others to talk about you to their friends.  Websites are far more interactive and allow transactions to take place.

In other words, social media talks about your club, whereas a website does things for your club. 

And what does the word "transaction" mean?  At its highest level it allows online payments for event tickets to occur.  It also means being able to automatically capture the contact details of visitors, to accept member dues, to generate newsletters and to automate much of your club administration.

Is it a case of one or the other?  Emphatically NO! To get the best out of your online presence you need both Facebook and a StreamScape club website.

Having only a FaceBook page is a bit like printing brochures and handing them out - but omitting your address, phone number and other contact details.  Readers say "Wow!  I really like this!" but have no way of contacting you.  Even if they go on to Google and search for you, all they'll find is the original Facebook page they started with.

Facebook is excellent in extending your publicity reach, and is excellent in target marketing.  On the other hand, your website is the gateway through which people can get in touch with you.

StreamScape can help your club

A StreamScape club website delivers unparalleled online marketing, member recruitment and PR opportunities for your club.