Ever watched a film on television, and it's apparent that it was made a few years ago?  For some reason, unless you're into old films or you like re-runs, it's somehow not as enjoyable to watch.

Often you're not even sure why.  It's just the look of things that you can't necessarily put your hand on.

Your website is out of date

Unlike a dated website, an out-of-date website is one where the content itself is no longer valid.

Websites are like that, too.  The language of the Internet has changed as has the technology of web browsers. Users expect to see a completely different looking site to what they'd expect 5 years ago.   Even Google nowadays down-grades sites using old technology.

Nowadays a dated website is also one that's not mobile friendly.  So important is this aspect that Google even provides a tool for you to check your own website.

A dated website looks unloved, out-of-date and tired.  Old fashioned, even, and slow to change.

If that's how you want your club to be presented, that's fine ... but don't expect to attract new or young members.  You don't fit into their view of the modern world, and they won't fit into yours.

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StreamScape can help your club

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