Most clubs try different initiatives to do better.  Events have wash-up and review discussions afterwards.  Many try different advertising strategies, more passionate admonishments for members to be more involved, supportive or more generous.

The most difficult problem lies where you cannot tell which of your initiatives work or otherwise.  For example, you might be reaching more potential members, but no new applications.  You might increase your efforts in promoting a club event but attendees are down on last year.

Not knowing exactly where your challenges lie is akin to a doctor prescribing an antibiotic when the real issue is that you have a sprained ankle.  Or giving you a bandage when you really have influenza.

It's little consolation to your club if at the end of your year you observe "Gee - membership applications are down" if you have no hope of identifying why, other than assumptions.  You should, in fact, know why long before you feel the impact.

Here are just some of the ways your website can give you continuous market intelligence about your club that's hard to get any other way:

  • Measure the impact of any advertisement for your club or event.
  • Identify what forms of marketing and promotion are worthwhile.
  • Measure how many people are visiting what page on your website.
  • Gather information on what people are looking for when they reach your site.
  • The corollary - infer what people are not looking for.
  • Identify how long people stay on your website.
  • Quantify what value you're bring to your sponsor.
  • Track what information is of most interest to your newsletter readers.
  • Quantify how many people bother to read your bulletin or newsletter.
  • Learn when people are most likely to visit your site.
  • Infer what type of person is visiting your website.
  • Identify which contacts enjoy the highest level of engagement with your club, who are therefore most likely candidates for membership.
  • Keep track of what enquiries require following up.
  • Keep track of who attends what events, so that you can promote similar or repeat events more precisely.


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