Irrespective of what layout style you choose, after your website is built you can easily add, edit, remove and shuffle around content and menus.  You can decide what content goes where whenever you feel like it.

You can even mix-'n'-match content to create new pages to suit your current marketing strategy or community awareness at the time.

With nothing more than a mouse click you can publish news, events and stories anywhere on your site, where it will most likely gain attention.  You can even create pop-up alerts and reminders whenever you like, attach them to any part of the website, to increase awareness of something important happening in your club or community.

What makes our templates different?

Traditional design templates are there to make the web developer's job easier.  They provide a visual layout, colour scheme and Photoshop© files for a graphic designer to use.

StreamScape club website templates are far more powerful.  You have great design flexibility, of course.  More importantly, though, they are built around everything you need in place to make your club succeed:

  • Market and promote your club
  • Reach and attract potential new members
  • Simplify club and member management
  • Easily get found on Google
  • Make it easier to promote and manage fundraising events
  • Keep in touch with your members and non-members alike
  • Make it easier to raise funds
  • ... and more


StreamScape can help your club

A StreamScape club website delivers unparalleled online marketing, member recruitment and PR opportunities for your club.