Publish club announcements and confidential documents that only members are allowed to access.  Keep your club's committee membership and participation up to date so that members know what they have to do and who their fellow members are.

If your club is part of a District that also uses StreamScape, your members details are automatically integrated into your District directory.  Members also have instant access to officers of every other cub in your District.

Give the Sergeant birthday and anniversary announcements at a glance.  Members can also record attendance confirmation, meeting apologies and make-ups at any time.  Members can also maintain their own information on line using a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Meeting rosters reminders are published for up to a year in advance, so that members can plan their availability around those times when they're designated as being on duty.

Members using mobile phones can call or message any of their fellow members with just a tap.

StreamScape can help your club

A StreamScape club website delivers unparalleled online marketing, member recruitment and PR opportunities for your club.